PW 50 Sticky Throttle Cable

Guys, I have a 89 PW 50 with a sticky throttle cable. I replaced the one from the grips to the junction box with a new one just recently. The one to the autolube pump works well, but the one to the carb is hanging up. I dissasembled it last night and lubed it up. It seemed to work ok out of the bike, with no frayed wires. But when I put it back on, it was hanging up again.

I was wondering if the little steel elbow on top of the carb could have a groove worn in it and be causing drag? I ordered the cable, but I didn't know if I needed the elbow too. Or it may just be the way the cable is worn internally.

Also, what do you have to do to replace the kickstart gear? Remove the engine from the frame? It has a couple bad teeth but still works.

The PW is nice for the little guy because it has a softer hit than our TTR, with the throttle stop cranked in.

Never mind, I pulled off the cable and it is JUNK :smirk:, but is a steal at $7. Just waiting on it to come in.

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