Switch it up? or not?


Meet Eleanor.

My 2003 klx 300r.

all stock except for Graphics.

I really like the bike but i was looking into getting a kx 250f.

Parts on this bike for me has been a hassle as for as platics and graphics. Any advice on the cons and pros of a klx 300 v.s kx 250?

The bike is great for what i ride trails and stuff. Chugs up hill like nothing great low end. Just looking at options. Power is more than enough for me. I am 5'7" 250 pounds and it moves me pretty good.

Any advice?

I think you'd be okay on a kx250f but be ready for maintenance because a 250 mx bike is a whole other beast than a 300 trail bike. If you just ride trails than i would keep the 300 but if you are planning to hit the track or just want more power go to the 250f.

what is your 300 not doing as well as you would like it to?

Cool bro thanks, the letter, it's not that it's not doing something right, it's just wondering if there is something I could upgrade to

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