Oil injection lines on a Polaris Trailblazer?

Hey folks. Just a question if anyone knows where I can find a breakdown of the proper routing and connections for an oil injected '04 Polaris Trailblazer. I rebuilt the top end a couple seasons ago and disconnected the oil injection at that time and just ran premix. However, I'm now wanting to hook it back up but I'm not positivie which hoses go where. I thought I had it hooked up correctly, however, the hoses are clear and can only see oil through the first 8 inches or so from the oil resevoir to the pump, the rest is empty. Shouldn't it be running through the lines all the way? Also the line from the oil pump to the carbeurator is not so much empty as it appears to have fuel passing through it at times. Is it a vacuum principal I'm wondering? Any help, observations or direction would be highly appreciated guys. Great site and thanks!

I'm pretty certain I have the hoses installed correctly at this point. Come to find out it's a gravity feed system and the oil pump has to be primed first. Now, how to prime it.....anyone?

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