Brake freeze! Oh I mean sizzler

Raced a Harescramble with my 93RM250 this weekend and had some problems.

I won't bore you with the details, but I only made 1 9mile lap in 2hrs (stripped gear shifter and rear break issue). the shifter is a no brainer.

BUT, when I finally was able to roll again my rear brake would seize up after a few mins. It would totally slow the bike down to almost stall and I would stop. I cleared off mud from rear cal and it was steaming.

I tried to work the brake pedal up and down and it was "locked" wouldn't budge.

I'd wait 10-15 mins and could go again after cool down.

I finally took the pin out of the rear break leaver and rode without a rear brake to get back to main area/pits.

I didn't think I was using 2 much rear break (excessive). what do you think the cause is?

Me being cool before the race with the O'le


Bummer ~ but it's races like this that we learn from. Sort of like the time I "forgot" to turn the gas on and stalled just as the gate fell....

Anyways, it sounds like your rear brake isn't adjusted correctly. After you adjust the pedal height, you have to adjust the clevis play. That way when your rear brake is up (ie - your foot isn't on it) the clevis should have about an 1/8" of play. Just so you know, the brake lever should have to travel down some before the slack in the clevis is taken up. To me it sounds like you do not have any play in the clevis.

flush the fluid, we had a similar problem on a ride a few years ago, the brakes would go on but never all the way off, eventually locking up

Yes bummer, I'm glad to not be the only one that has had

I rode a few days before the race to tune in.

I felt that the pedal had 2 much play in it, so I "did" adjust it up some so that it didn't have much play, but it still had "some". I never rode it again till race day....hmmmm

I agree with Mega about new brake fluid. Are you sure your foot was not pressing the brake as you rode? You adjust the brake and may not of known your boot was pressing on it. Its not a crime, we have all did the same thing.

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