little suspension help

I finally got out to the track this weekend, and found that my front end just wanted to wash out everywhere. after bailing a few times I just decided to take it easy, it pissed me off.

anyway last year I rode it and it felt great, however I have an intermediate terrain tire and the track was a little wet. I dropped my air pressure down as well but still the front end was everywhere.

Over the winter I did my fork seals and bushings. my thought is that I didn't put it all back properly like the height of the forks in the trees and the rebound.

my question is what would counteract that? where do you guys have your fork level in the trees? whats your rebound set at?

What bike are we talking about?

haha. sorry its an 01 Suzuki Rm250

send it out for a revalve

Raising the forks in the clamps should help with cornering and the compression side usually causes a washout if it's too stiff. Rebound could if it was too stiff, but it would have to be a bumpy corner.

I don't have an 01, but I do have the KYB forks back on the 03. I run 3mm on the fork tubes. Thats measured from the top clamp to the line around the tube, just below the cap. My comp is 8-10 out, and reb I start at 8 clicks out and normally don't need to adjust more that 1 to 2 clicks in or out to make it feel good. Now I'm about to tell you the something different and I'm not going to defend myself over this. I run transmission fluid in my forks. Always have and always will. Fluid level is set at 100mm, outer tube down, rod up.

Thats a good starting point. hanks. is there a trick to turning the rebound without having to remove the bars?

Yes there is. Hold your tongue in the left corner of your mouth and use a skinny 3 or 4" long flat tip screw driver. Take 4 clicks to make 1 full turn.

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