canadian nationals!


who here watches our nationals?

Canada has motocross?! just kidding

I don't think they're broadcasted here in the states.

Are they televised state side? The more MX the better.


And where, praytell, is this "Canada"!! (Southpark ref:lol:)

They used to televise them and I enjoyed watching them, haven't been shown for a while. They opened the door for Sean Hamblin in the USA.

Bring em, we'll watch em!

I haven't seen them broadcast in the States for quite some time. I used to love the announcers they had and especially the battles between Blair Morgan and Sebastian Roy.

I never see them televised anymore. Bummer, they were always a good fill between the Nationals here and a few of the guys had some talent worthy of capturing our attention.

I used to love to watch Can. MX when it was on TV in the states. Great racing and announcers that called it. Wish they would bring that back to Speed or whatever channel it was on before.

I remember one week they had a huge storm in the middle of the first race that completely tore up the track. The pro riders all got together and boycotted the second race claiming track was not safe. So the promoter ran the race anyway with full payout to the non pro class riders. They pushed off top layer of mud track dried up and conditions were not that bad. Turned out to be one of the best races ever. Four or five guys swapped the lead and raced all the way to the end. I was in front of the TV shouting it was so close. The announcers were like we should do this every week.

The television schedule even here in Canada is hard to follow. Great racing though, totally worth tuning in if you can get it.

Epic Canadian Nationals :-)

I watch them ,a local channel runs them. Great racing fun to watch got to see Dean Wilson ripping it up before he raced in the US.

Hole Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!

I loved watching Canadian Motocross. Too bad they are not televised on any channels I have. I remember they showed battles for 18th place, it was great.

Canada has some awesome tracks on the national circuit. Went to mission BC a while back, it was cool.

Ill be going to them in kamloops! Should be epic! Had a small preview of Brock Hoyer racing at the Big Kahuna a few weeks ago, dam hes fast but I know that there is a few faster ones!

Epic Canadian Nationals :-)

I remember that one :smirk: That's when I watched them when they were televised on Speed or whatever on Comcast for a couple of years but then they stopped running them. Loved the announcers.

this was takein sunday of a local pro so sickkkk!

You guys drive bikes up there:smirk: thought only sleds..

I use to, don't think I get them anymore with DTV. Seems like when I got snowcross (serious) I got MX outdoor from canada. Have not seen either in few years. Might be in some euro package, when I paid extra:bonk:to get euro MX.

who here watches our nationals?
this was takein sunday of a local pro so sickkkk!

That is crazy, The Canadian tracks have some big air that's for sure.

That is crazy, The Canadian tracks have some big air that's for sure.

oh for sure so stoked they start next weekend!

I love seeing who gets the Royal Distributing Hoooollleeeeshhhaaawwwwtttt!!!!!!!!

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