2002 Polaris Sportsman 400 spedo

:smirk: OK, Here is whats up. I just got an 02 Sportsman 400. The spedo does not work right. There is power to it and it partially works. The back light works. The lil screen at the bottom where the odometer and hr meter are works as well but does not advance in hrs or in miles. Also the needle to show what speed you are at does not move. It stays on zero. Im not sure where to look. I have had the assembly out and cleaned but it did not help. Also I have not be able to see where the sensor that tells the spedo how fast its going is located to see if there is something going on there. Im hoping the previous owner has disconnected it or something and its a simple fix. I have looked all over the net and not seen anyone else complaining about this. If anyone can help me move in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

The sensor is bolted on a front brake caliper it's most likely theprob u can get one at the dealer it's a speed sensor it counts the holes in ur brake Disc they go bad a lot

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