funny mods

i have a new mod its called the solid trottle.step one take a heavy portion of grip glue and use for lube inside of grip then shove the lubbed grip filled with glue onto the trottle tube so that the glue gets under the trottle tube and the bar end :smirk: .but hold on you in for a not ride of your life lol ..share your mods with me :smirk:

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Did you read about this mod or have a "friend" who did it? :smirk:

I had a "friend" who put on a little too much glue on the throttle side. That stuff is strong! I couldn't...:smirk: uh, I mean, my "friend" couldn't turn the throttle at all. Now my "friend" only uses double-sided golf club grip tape. No mess, holds tight, and no safety wire required.

nah i just came up with it myself lol learning curve lol

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