New xr200

Hello, i just got an xr200 off craigslist for 850.

It has been in a shed for years and it muddy when i got it.

When i start it it wont idle without turning off.

Which parts should i replace for maintenance??

So far i got oil, spark plug, clean air filter, clean carburetor, and clean all the mud off the bike.

Is there anything else i should do for maintenance?

Thanks in advance!

Check bolts, lube chain, ride!

If it wont idle you need to clean-replace the pilot jet.

also check the petcock valve, see if any gas comes out while in the on, mine wouldn't run unless it was in reserve

Would also be a good idea to check the cam chain adjustment. Black rubber cap on the left side of the engine, just behind the cylinder. Revove the cap, loosen the nut, and retighten. This should be done after the bike warms up, and is at idle speed running.

did you clean the air filter? mice love airboxes!! And filters make for nice bedding

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