advice on exhaust

Hi i am thinking of upgrading my exhaust system on my 04 kxf - can you guys advise me on what exhaust system you think the bike would benefit from .and i have a chance of some second hand exhaust systems would you use these .

one last thing would i need to reconfigure the engine set up with a change of exhaust ?

thanks .

fmf mega bomb and 4.1 muffler, then rejet the carb...looks and sounds awesome! i have the power bomb and 4.1, works great, but ill be getting the mega soon

If the second hand exhaust is not damaged and in good shape.......there would be nothing wrong with it..........As for jetting....with or without a pipe.....You need to tune to get max preformance........

I had the Maga Bomb and 4.1 on an 06 kx250f. I loved it.

Remember that exhausts don't necessarily make more power they just adjust where in the rpm range that power is maximised. PC tends to make pipes with more top end. FMF seems to prefer bottom end.

on my 06 in stock form I felt as if I was always between 2nd and 3rd gears in the corners, this was annoying as I either down shifted for the corner and then immediately had to upshift while exiting or I would be in 3rd without the power to accelerate out of the corner and having to work the clutch excesively the whole way.

My original thought was to re-gear the bike. Before I did that, I got a good deal on a used Maga Bomb. The exhaust solve my problem by giving me so much low end I was able to ride the higher gear and since higher gears are longer I didnt feel like I lost the top end.

So, pick a pipe that puts the power where you want/need it to benifit your riding style/track. Hope that helps.

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Thanks chaps for the advice - i think the exhaust will have to wait ,i think my piston and rings now need to be changed started it up over the last few days its smoking like a gud un ! bang goes the toys !!

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