wont go through water-230

i put on a fmf powercore 4, rejet the carb, and pulled out the intake snorkel. after wards it would die/or not run right after going through water for a few minutes. so i put the snorkel back in and drilled a few holes in it to still allow the airflow needed. still has the same problem. any ideas?

Two ideas. 1) Don't go threw water. 2) If you must, go slowly.


What's more fun, avoiding water or going slowly while in it. Or, stalling out and having to kick until you’re wore out or run the battery dead?

i can't really avoid water. just not an option for me. and i really love going through water/mud. and I'd like to solve the problem not avoid it. any more ideas?

Maybe try a foam filter over your airbox holes? Seems like it would add a little water resistance. People do this over in the XR250/400 forum.

There is nothing wrong with the airbox on the 230, everyone (else) i know says they are the best 'wading' bike out there.

The problem on nic's bike must be water getting in through the breather tubes etc (or just blocking the airflow)

In another thread he admits to not even checking if there WAS water in the airbox, he just assumed there is because it misfires after going through water, classic sign of water in the float bowl IMO.

It could even be a dodgy plug cap?

Try running a couple of plastic tee's (can get them from pet stores that sell aquariums)

connect the tee to the existing breather hose or hoses, then run it or them up high,using more hose, under your seat, or into the airbox, stops the carb from getting vacum locked when you hit the water.

I've taken my bike through plenty of water and mud and never had any issues.....

do u have the intake snorkel out though?

I had the same thing happen to me, after isolating the problem it turned out to be water running down the spark plug wire and into the junction of the plug boot. Team Old School solved the problem by sliding a small rubber/silicone boot down over the junction. This prevents any water from getting in and Viola! she handles all the water I can throw at her(feet are lifting off the pegs at times). Definitely worth a try. :smirk:

I never have any problem with water, unless there is a lot of crud built up around the electric bits and pieces under the tank. I normally pull the tank off every few runs, blow the crud away with an airline, a good dowsing with WD 40, Duck oil or similar waterproofing spray, and I never have a problem

Seems the water soaks the crud which then shorts out the electrics untill it drys out.

I am also running without a snorkel on the air box and havent had any card trouble "touch wood"

old school jeff

hmmm. I'll have to try that. what exactly does that involve? can you give me some more detail. im not sure i 100 percent understand what you mean. and how did you determine that to be the problem? how can i rule out intake box? or carb vent?

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