650R Electric help in AZ

I recently picked up an '00 650R with JoeRacer elec start and UFO street kit.

Everything works fine except the battery is not charging. When I get back from a ride where I've used the lights it takes much, much longer for the battery tender to bring the battery up to storage level. I really don't want to get into on-line diagnostics. If anyone knows of someone savvy in the dark art of motorcycle electronics in the Phoenix area I'd be forever grateful.

Thanks much, Mark

Put your multi-meter leads on the battery with the bike off...should read 12vDC after being charged on your tender.

Start the bike and measure the battery with the bike running...should read around 13.5 vDC.

If it does, your battery is probably bad, and wil not take a charge.

If it does not, we can move to step 2.

Will do later today. Thx.

13.2vDC not running with battery tender removed while still showing greater than 80% charged but not yet at storage level, 13.3vDC bike running. Verified DVM on known good car battery @ 12.54vDC.

Not a big stretch here but guessing battery has seen better days. (??)

Previous owner said it was three years old but he stumbled with his answer so it's probably older or he had no clue.

Easiest thing to do is take the battery somewhere to have it checked.

Looks like your charging system may be working.

Batteries are hard to check properly without placing a load on them. Auto Zone or Checker battery machines will place a load on it to see if it is working properly. They will do this for FREE.

If the battery turns out to be OK, then you probably have something grounding out somewhere. Should still be easy to find.

Thanks for the thoughts. I'll do that and post up later. I've been chasing down so many problems with this bike I've hardly had any time to ride. Frustrating. Hopefully, this is the last. Heading to Crown King tomorrow for another 'shakedown' ride.

Well, after a shop told me I had a dead cell I got a second opinion and watched them load the battery. It's fine. Back in bike; 12.8 static and 12.8 running.

On to step 2.

Are the two wires (red and black) coming out of the regulator supposed to go directly to the battery terminals? I have a very poor schematic that shows that path.

Keep in mind that I have no knowledge of the aftermarket system you are using.

My thinking would be that you are looking at a Red wire and a Black wire coming from the reg/rect. The Red wire is going directly to the positive terminal on the battery, the Black is either going to the negative terminal on the battery or is going straight to a grounding point on the frame and then a wire from the negative terminal is going to a grounding spot on the frame.

Sound right?

Question: Did the system ever work correctly for the previous owner?

Both wires from the regulator are running to a solenoid (add on) under the air filter cover. The red one is split twice too.

I've tried contacting the company that makes the starter kit but no luck.

The previous owner wasn't exactly truthful on many issues. This being one of them. So, I doubt he'd be of any help.

I understand and thank you for your help.

BTW I'm near 7th Ave and Union Hills.

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