clutch is engaging without being pulled

ok. searched and couldn't find much about this issue. hopefully some of you old timers will recognize this problem and help me out.

my problem is the clutch. i can pull the clutch in (engage) but the bike still goes forward while in gear. also when i am slowing down and want to put the bike into nuetral, i cant shift or rather it is VERY hard to shift to nuetral. here is what happens. i slow down and when i pull in the clutch, i cant shift. i have to let the clutch lever out in order to shift. when riding, it is easier to shift without engaging the clutch than to engage it. time for new plates, new cable or just some adjusting?

thanks. caveman out


Sounds like it just needs adjusted. Set the freeplay to what your owners manual recommends.

The clutch is disengaged when you pull the lever not engaged. When you let the lever out you are engaging the clutch (clutch pack springs applying pressure through the pressure plate compressing the plates together, causing the clutch outer and clutch center to rotate together as one) Like previously stated, the most likely cause is you may have too much free play in the cable and the clutch can't fully disengage (the clutch plates can't separate from one another) with the lever pulled all the way in. That's why the bike creeps at a stop and neutral is difficult to find. Inspect the cable at each end for fraying and if it's OK adjust the free play to spec. Might be a good idea to lube the cable too if you have never lubed it before.


If your cable is adjusted correctly, and the symptoms persist, do a search for thrust washers here or on Maximum Suzuki. The DR350s are prone to wearing out the thrust washers behind the clutch basket causing symptoms like yours.

thanks fo rthe replies. going to work on it tonight. BTW, its a 06 650. dont know if the 350 replies applies. let you know how it goes.


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