looking for a swingarm :(

Hey people, took my swingarm out the other day... looks like last owner ran the old bearings until there was nothing left:bonk:. this has ovalized the swingarm, but he just put new bearings in there, so they do not seat very well at all, and rock in the seat.

Engineers tell me its a tough reapir as the swingarm is not that thick to put an insert in there so it may be written off.

Biggest issue is that I can't find a used arm anywhere here in New Zealand !! So do any of you have, or know of anyone with a used swingarm they can sell me?

rest of the bike is minty fresh so this was a surprise :smirk: and a very bad one. So any help would be awesome.

cheers folks.


Year, make, and model?

Year, make, and model?

67 karmann ghia??:smirk:

Loctite stud and bearing mount will probably fix it fine. Or weld it up and remachine it. I've had pretty good luck with the red loctite stud & bearing stuff. As long as it is prepped well, and doesn't get hot, it will stay put. Remove with heat.

yeah we tried cold weld (or some product like that but there was too much pressure in there and it still rocked the bearings, going for a weld / machi9ne reapir unless I can find another one !

Bike is an 07 250 2 stroke.


And the Karmann is gone now :smirk:

Anyone... anyone... ????? Surely there must be someone in USA with a good swingarm for sale?

there are some plastic steels on the market with should hold the pressure. You could use the tin of a coke (or Pepsi [:smirk:] ) to make a casing around the complete area. Or find a can with the same diameter you need.

consider a thin steel sleeve, it would not take much to line bore the swingarm and press in a sleeve. that should solve the issue for ever. another option might be to bore it up to the next available bearing size, you may find a bearing that is cheap if you bore it up to a standard size.

good idea +1

It's not worth messing around with a damaged swing arm on a YZ250. There are swing arms on e-bay all day long for next to nothing.

Search E-bay for: YZ250 Swing Arm

Or enter these item numbers into the e-bay search:

This one looks good:


Anything 2003 and newer should be good to go:


Or upgrade to the 2009+ four stroke swing-arm (search the forum for info):


Hope that helps you out.

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