Crazy cr500af!

just messing around on youtube and i found this crazy cr500af. the only bad thing is it is a supermoto bike. it would be awesome if it was an off road bike. but i wouldnt even want to get it all dirty and beat up. . . oh well :smirk:

one of the things i really liked about it is the dual exhaust. i posted a thread a while back to see if anybody has done this to a 2 stroke bike before. i am assuming he used 4 stroke silencers but not sure.

here are some links.


he has more videos of him riding it on his channel.

info and more pics on the project:




lions tigers and bears oh my!

CaveMike think maybe coolest bike him ever see. Look like flying monster. You be very proud you build. CaveMike almost proud him even see.

I think would get into a lot of trouble riding that in town

Amazing... I want one with knobbies

Amazing... I want one with knobbies

yes! that is the only thing the bike is missing!


Id love to have it as is...

i want to hear it run!

i want to hear it run!

if you go to the link i put up for youtube and go to his channel, there are a few videos of him doing wheelies down the street. :smirk:

here is a video of him riding it.

omg i love the way that thing idles

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