YZ450 rear tire size, 120 or 110?

I am switching out the rear tire on my 2010 and was looking for input from people who have switched from the stock 120/80 to the 110/90 rear tire size.

I am leaning towards trying the 110/90 tire but wanted to hear from others who have tried it, I ride primarily MX.

thanks for the input.

I prefer the 110/90 on my 09 YZ450 vs the 120/80. The bike feels a little more nimble to me than when I had a 120 on it. I'd use a 120 if I rode desert or something like that but for MX my preference is 110.

I just put my first 110 on my '09, I've got 80 hours on the bike and thought I'd go back to the 110's that I used to run on my Honda's. I haven't noticed any lesser traction in comparison to the 120, I'm pretty sure from here on out I'm going to run 110's.

I don't know if the size of the tires had anything to do with it, but I had 3 tires (120's) last season that lost whole knobs prematurely. I had a Kenda Carlsbad that came apart after only 3.1 hours of use, lost 10 or 11 knobs on that one, then I had a Michelin Hp4 that lost 14 knobs after 6 hours and lastly I had a Bridgestone M604 that lasted 15 hours before knobs started tearing off.

The Bridgestone lasted long enough for an intermediate/hard tire, but I should mention that I get 20 - 21 hours out of the Dunlop d739's and have never torn a knob off of one of them.

I ride MX only.

I ran 110s on my MX bikes and 120s for when I was riding in the woods.

The 110 flies better for big air and has more berm shredding power (less bogging) than the 120. The 110 would change direction in the air easier as well.

The 120 flew like crap on big air and didnt like to whip or change direction easily in the air. It also took more clutch to blast a loose berm.

The 120 was great for the woods and allowed me to run low pressure (12-14lbs) without worrying about pinch flats. It took the rocks better, and protected my rim better. It also was better in the deep mud, and ruts.

This was all on my 02 KX250 2 smoker..However I am sure all of this will apply to the big Yamaha

Thanks for the input guys, it kind of confirms what I was thinking about going with the 110/90. As already mentioned the 120/80 I have on currently has tore off about 12 knobs.

I also emailed MXA and got a reply from Jody saying about the same thing, they prefer the 110/90 for MX.

If there's going to be a lot of ruts and/or mud I prefer the 110.

I run 110/90 on my yz450f 2011, seems to be easier to get is the main reason. Didnt notice much difference between the two.

Anyone know why they switched from a 110 to a 120 in 2010 on the 450's? My 2010 handles ALOTT better than my 06 did and and my 06 had a 110 on it stock. I know its a totally different bike/geometry but I wonder why they switched to the 120 if everyone likes the 110 better for MX?

Went with the 110/90 and I have to say I like it better than the stock 120/80, it seems to lean over in the corners easier and stay there. Installed the 404/403 combo and the bike feels worlds better now.

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