RM 250 Noise,Grinding??

Hey guys this is my first post so hang in there with me. I went and bought a 2001 rm 250 the other day(braaap braaaap). I pulled it apart and rebuilt the topend,swingarm and linkage. i put about an half hour to hour on it when i started noticing there is a noise(sounds like grinding) when i take off, and thats the only time it does it.Also the noise is not constient but it has like a 1second break between the grinding noise. it made this noise once before i rebuilt it( I rode it a couple times before the rebuild).Also it only does it when you take off in higher r's but when you take off very easy it does not do it? I changed the tranny oil after every ride and it looks black/grey every time after a little ride? I took the clutch cover off and the clutch basket looks good(looks as if no one has even had to file grooves out) and the plates look fine. Does anyone have an idea what it could be?-clutch bearing,tranny bearing, crankbearing??????????? thanks

I'd be looking outside the motor to start with, things like chain sliders and rear wheel bearings. Could even be a bad link in the chain.

BTW, tranny oil does go black/grey pretty fast, even with a perfect motor.

It may be clutch plate chatter. Try taking the clutch plates out again and check them on a flat surface. (like a piece of glass) Make sure they are perfectly flat. They will work if very slightly off, but that may be where the noise is coming from.

thanks for the responses guys,I didnt get to completely take the plates out i just looked at them with the cover off but this weekend im going to take them out. If it is the clutches, What brand do you thing i should go with?

I would go with the Tusk set from Rocky mt atv. only 45 bucks. I have been very happy with my set.

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