2004 exc 400 counter shaft leak

My counter shaft is starting to seep a little.

Does anybody out there know if that is a lipped seal or not?

Could this be caused by too little engine oil?

I change my own oil and am a bit confused on the correct amount.

Any help on these problems woudl be appreciated

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there are LOTS of threads on CS leaks, do a search or look in FAQ in this 4st forum and the 2st FAQ. There is a seal, a bushing, and o-ring and on a 4st the cupped outer washer and bolt. Sprocket thickness is also part of the system with some after market ones too thin. Most all leaks are due to dirt in the seal or not enuf pressure from the washer or thin sprocket ona 4st. Take the sprocket off, clean seal with q-tip, check o-ring for tears, re=cup washer or new washer and put back together. Red loctite on the bolt.

Thanks for the info Mike.

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