new exaust sytem, re jet the carb? or.....

hey i own a 2003 crf230 and just got the BBR D2 complete system. i heard one i instal it i have to re jet the carb and let it sit for a day/ is this true. do i needa do anything else one i instaul the exaust.


Rejet. If you do not know what you are doing, have a pro help or do it for you.

Sit for a day, you cannot be serious.

You most likely "will" need to rejet, but I don't why you'd need to let it set for a day after doing it. Unless it's to let the bike recover from all the emotional and verbal abuse you're about to heap upon it.

Did the same thing back in 2003 and deffinately had to re-jet, especially the pilot jet. Makes it run well though. Big difference. Good luck. RB

I'm betting that the guy who told you to let it sit for a day has the Purple Powerband in his 125.

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