Shift Drum Position????

I just put the transmission back in the left case half and was wandering about the shift drum position? I can't remember what gear the bike was in when I took it apart but I put the whole transmission back in the bike. The pin on the shift forks are all in their right tracks trans is seated shift drum is in the the right way. I was curious it should rotate and be in the right gear when I put the halves back together meanIng the shift drum will rotate to the correct position when installed I can't have it's not possible to put it in upside down is it? The trans rotates smoothly and all pins are in their tracks that means it's good right?

have a look over here

My '98 is slightly different. The RH side has two of the shift forks on one pin, the LH side has one shift fork all by its self on one pin. Looks like the '99+ has three pins, one on each.

I think as long as all shift fork drum pins are in there correct tracks, and the offset of the shift fork is facing the correct direction, all should function properly.


The Left pin is out of the shift fork in this picture.

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added pic

When I did mine the other day I did not have any idea of the gear it was going to be in, but as soon as you know that the shift forks are in the correct tracks of the drum it will already be in a gear. so to switch through the gears you will have to have the two halves back together.

Thanks guys basically I wanted to make sure you couldn't put it in upside down. Or if there was a way I could put it in and only have 1st through 3rd and 4-5th not work. One more thing while I have your mechanically inclined attention the 3rd shift fork seems loose the others are tight with no play and the 3rd has some play is this something I should worry about or is it normal depending on what gear it's in to have some play in one? I believe the 3rd shift fork is for 4-5th operation?

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