Crankshaft opinions

Since I exploded a clutch plate and I figure the bike is due anyhow, I'm replacing the crankshaft in my 2006 YZ250F.

Although you'd think my experience with a non-OEM clutch would have convinced me otherwise, I think I'm going with an aftermarket crankshaft.

Hot Rod has a heavy-duty one for $260 but then I have to spend another $70 on bearings and maybe another $100 on gaskets and seals.

Alternatively, I can buy the Wiseco kit that includes everything to replace the crank, including big end bearings, gaskets and seals for around $200.

Is the Hot Rods Crank really that much better?

This bike will not be beat on. It will be trail ridden with light MX duty by my kid.

If anyone has any experience with either crank, I'd love to hear it. Thanks!

I don't believe the Wiesco kit includes the top end gaskets. So you'll still need to buys those witch ever way you go. I bought all new gaskets and o rings when I did my bottom end. I put all the new o-rings in but ended up just reusing the gaskets for the bottom end cause if they ended up leaking it's pretty quick to put new ones in. Top end I used new ones of course. Most of the o rings were around a buck or 2 I think total was a lot less then $100. I got my OEM bearings for about $50 and OEM crank was $250.

You really can't go wrong with any of them. Personally I would go OEM if I would be putting a new crank in on a stock motor.

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