My 99 yz250 fouled a plug the other day so I got a new one. The next day I try to go for a ride and at 200 yards the bike cuts out then won't even start. Checked the plug and is too new to see any carbon, just slight oil residue. Why do you think my bike won't start? guessing I need to try a new plug and check out the reeds and stator.

In the process of putting in a new gasket and can't get the kick starter off, appears to be rusted to the bolt. Any ideas for getting this off?


Loaded another plug. Now it's time to figure,'why'? Could be a hundred different things..

How do you ride the bike? Lugging a lot or hard on the pipe? And what spark plug do you use?

Been using a NGK: R spark plug BR8ES size. Usually hard on the pipe with occasional offroad lugging. Each time I fouled a plug was on warm up of the bike, usually pretty good about giving the bike a couple revs to clear it out

Have you had a chance to see if there is spark when the engine cuts out? And have you got smoke. Or a different smell than premix coming from it?

I took the plug out and grounded it on the engine case, only got a couple sparks out of 10 or so kicks. Thinking it's the stator, will take a look today. Have smoke on warm up, but then rarely see smoke unless running hard. Smoke only smells like premix

I went though some deeper water one day and the stator became quite dirty. So much that its dimishing output killed my CDI. Have you got a manual for the bike. Helpful when going through the resistance of each electrical item.

Don't have a manual, anyone have a link to a downloadable one? Stator looks pretty rusty/old, any good cleaning options?

Also to get the kick starter off the shaft should I take a torch to it to get it loose?

This is from a 2000 Model > should work too handbook

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