tusk clutch kits....true piece of garbage

that piece of shit that so many recomennded didnt last one single lap of this past sundays harescramble...got 5 miles in the loop and it fried on me...gotta love walking 5 miles back to the pits...tusk=shit....just had to get that off my chest

im not going to endorse tusk products but i have the fibers in my bike and they held up fine since middle of last summer. probly 50 horse and 50ftlb trq. hard to say how much longer they will last so i wont comment any further.

I've put tusk kits in all my bikes and never had a single problem. I've got one in my 450 Honda now and believe me I use the clutch alot more than I probably should. Did you soak them first?

Sounds like you abuse your clutch,alot. On my 06 KTM 300, in the 4 1/2 years of racing it in enduros and desert I replaced the clutch once at about year 3 with a Tusk unit and it still works well to this day(sold bike to a riding buddy). You should try to gear your bike down a bit or ride a gear lower when possible.JMO

I have always heard on RM's go back with the OEM fiber/plates.

I think I agree, the RM's have always had a suspect clutch and they are finicky in my opinion.

I've had great results with a Tusk clutch kit in my 03 RM250. Love the steel plates rather than aluminum for less debris in your gear oil. I've had mine in for a dozen practise rides and one hare scramble. Hasn't even faded on me yet with heavy abuse.

2 years on my Tusk clutch and its just starting to chatter a bit... I race MX and abuse the clutch heavily...

I bought a Tusk clutch as a spare. When I got it I threw it in my bike for one ride to make sure it actually worked and it seemed perfectly fine. Can't comment on how long it will last but it lasted me one night of MX practice with no fading whatsoever.

I have the kit in my 06 modified YZ450F for over a year now and still running it with no problems. My 450 has always been a clutch eater even with the OEM plates, so the tusk has lasted just as long or longer. As with all clutches, one needs to keep an eye on the clutch lever free play.

Very happy with my Tusk set, all summer riding last year no problems.

iv run tusk in my banshee which is around 75hp and it holds up great been 3 years running.

Friends yfz450 has one in it as well and its got about 5-6 hours on it and still going strong.

hmmmmmm. well i wonder why mine decided to eat it on me???

hmmmmmm. well i wonder why mine decided to eat it on me???

Freeplay properly adjusted on lever?

I'm sure you soaked them in oil before install? Call RM and let them know. I have always had good results from their service dept. They went out of their way to send me stuff for free to make it right. They may want the clutch sent back, but it wouldn't hurt to call and ask if they can do anything to help. And I also run their clutch in my RM 250 with no problems.

Just put tusk set in my kids 01 RM 250. Seems good so far 1 hare scramble. 25 miles of mud roots and rocks

the first 2 friction plates closest to the cover are totally burnt up...no fibers left on them at all...and it stinks so bad...so no more tusk for me ever again

i put a tusk kit in my RM85 1 or 2 months after getting it and i have had it for roughly 6 months and no problems at all i cant say how hard i am on my clutch but i like to slip it a lot so i dont stall on the trails.

Lots of guys have great results with the tusk clutch kit. I have one that has held up very well in a 125 that is subject to constant abuse. A couple of possibilities:

1. plates were defective to begin with

2. Something was not correct with you installation.

It seems odd that two plates show such abnormal wear. I've only seen fairly uniform wear across plates. Anybody know what could cause that?

i dont know what caused it...i soaked the plates and installed them correctly. added the right amount of oil...

anybody know what kinda clutch kit to get other than tusk???? ima go with a barnett clutch basket with the steel inserts..should i go with the barnett kit???

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