Lets See Your Hour Meters!!!!

Lets see who can post a pic of an hour meter on their bike with the most hours!!! Please, no chatting. Keep posts without pictures to a minimum.

So i am guessing nobody has pictures of their hour meters? Ill get a picture of mine, but as of this point, i am at 3.2 hours.

nice! Keep em coming. Im waiting for someone to show one that has 300+ hours.

i just put mine on at the time i dropped in my new top end, so i think im only at 1.6 hours lol

Mine is ****ed up :smirk:


Now thats alot of hours.

My bike should have around 130 hours (;

Add in the year of the bike also. 05 crf 450 Never put one on mine it would have been interesting 200+ I’m sure replaced valves / top end over a year ago.





My bike is a 2008 crf250r on all stock engine components. Only ever adjusted the valves once in it.

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