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Special Thanks to krannie and William1

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This needs to be said. I posted in the kxf450 forum for help with my bike bogging from 0-wot. Krannie helped diagnose I had the wrong accelerator pump diaphragm (long stud, needed short). And to change to a 50 leak jet.

William1 helped me with the AP screw setting, and a few other assembly questions.

Tonight I got my parts in the mail, assembled the bike (repacked the muffler too).

It's raining out, but I couldn't resist. I went for a ride, and well. Krannie and william owe me a new pair of pants. :smirk:

I now own a rocket ship. And it sounds a lot better now. More throaty. (muffler packing) So, sorry for the drivel, but man I'm excited to get to the track! *edit* Crap I meant to put this in the general forum, maybe william can help me get my posts in the right forum too heh.

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