Pro Circuit water pump impeller washer?

Hello people of Thumper Talk,

this is my first post. I have a problem that I am hoping to fix soon, and figured there must be someone with an answer. I have a 2010 KX250F and have a Pro Circuit water pump installed. There is a washer that goes behind the impeller, and I have misplaced the washer... I know the Pro Circuit washer is different from the OEM washer, so would anyone be kind enough to dial caliper the washer behind the impeller on a Pro Circuit water pump. This would allow me to go get one that is the proper thickness. I called Pro Circuit and they couldn't tell me the thickness... just telling me they could send one via mail. Only I need it sooner then that!

Thank you

No one?

No one has a pro circuit water pump to dial caliper the washer? Thought this would be a pretty easy question...

try posting in the General dirtbike forum.

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