WR Battery

hi guys,i think the battery in my 09 wr 450 is dead,all im getting is a click but the gauges still light up and i can kick start it.Is this just a dead batt? if so whats the best battery out there guys are using? thank you

Sounds like it.

I like the Shorai, many also love the TurnTech. Ballistic also makes a nice one.

I like the Shorai

+1 :smirk:

Just installed a Shorai in my 08 WR. Smaller and WAY lighter that stock. Works great every time so far. BTW, delivery was delayed by about 6 weeks cuz of the Japan earthquake. First time I've ever had world events affect my dirt bike.

Shorai +++4

finally got my Shorai yesterday. 13.3v sitting.

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