Carb Rebuild Kit

Well, my carb was leaking gas out the tube, and so I took it off and cleaned everything out. The needle valve looked worn, but I put it back in and the bike didn't pour premix out like it had been doing. But the other day, I looked in the garage and there was a small puddle of gas under the tube, so I decided to just go ahead and rebuild the carb. I cannot find a rebuild kit ANYWHERE! Can anyone help? It's an '04 KTM 250 EXC.


All you probably need the is the float needle seat oring, the KTM dealer should have it, about $3.00

Oh yeah, it's a keihin pwk 36 AG S i think

Ok thanks i'll check

I got a new needle valve, somehow it was 30$.

Ah, not just the oring but the entire assy. Price is about right.

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