Enduro Tire??

Whats the best interm. enduro tire out there? I need a big size for a wr 450 140/80-18

like we talkin some what street usable, or a real wild tire?

Sorry, something meaty,off-road use only,thanks

Pirelli MT16 is a good all around tire that doesn't get chewed up too bad in rocks. Since you're from PA, I'm guessing that can be an issue for you.

Ever considered running a trials tire?

i have the soft mud version of the maxxis maxcross it, and the lugs are pretty big, and its a pretty wide tire. and that thing really hooks up, it wants to go over backwards climbing in solid mud before it looses traction haha. well im looking on rocky moutain mc and atv, and i dont see it. its the maxx cross SI. but my old tire was the Intermidiate desert i believe and it worked pretty good. never got chewed up. just wore the lugs down.

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