Rm250 Stator/Electrical issue

My Buddy has an 1989 Rm 250. After riding in deep water, he lost spark the next day. We found some water behind the stator cover. We believe he may have shorted out the stator. he is having difficulty removing the flywheel. Is there a certain type of puller that he needs to remove the flywheel? Also, how do we time the bike after we have it apart? And what else should he check electrically?

Did you test the stator? Just because it gets wet doesn't mean it's bad. Also wiring could be corroded and the dunk may have caused a bad connection. Eliminate all that before you take the flywheel off. I would also highly recommend a manual to help with fixing.

Thank you, we have been tracing the wiring throughout the bike and will ohm out the stator now.

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