KX250 Motor Swap Question

I have been thinking about buying a spare motor for my bike (2000 KX250). I love the idea of having a completely rebuilt spare ready to go if I ever need it. I have a few questions about which years I can swap into my bike.

I have done quite a bit of searching already. I guess that any motor 94-02 will be a direct bolt-in? Is that correct?

Also, my 2000 has a Power Jet Carb. If I use a different year motor, can I use my carb if I use the 2000 stator/flywheel?

Do I need a year specific CDI or are any of them the same?

Can anyone tell me what it takes to swap a different year motor into a KX? I would like to find another 2000, but I'm not sure it will be that easy.


94-02 is a direct bolt in and a 03-04 are to if you use your head for the front mount. You need to use your stator,flywheel,CDI and carb. Any pipe from 95 maybe 94 to 02 will fit and work so you can use your pipe too.

For what it's worth I do not like the high first gear in the 99-01 and in all of mine I put in the 94-98 1'st gear. Also you can use other stators and fly wheels and CDI and carb but they all should be from the same year as each other.


Thanks No1clyde!

That helps a lot. If I get another 99-01, I will try the 94-98 1st gear swap. My 2000 has been geared down to 12/52 to make the first gear usable in tight woods.

my 02 I'm running a 12/47 and find its geared pretty good for all round riding,I find first is low and use 2nd more often.Even when in the pits I usually put her in 2nd and start her off from there.

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