Some 2009 WR250's on Sale

For $4K, great deal, no affiliation yada yada (So.Cal.)

I think Husqvarna is offering .99% right now too.

New 2009 WR250's for $4K

Edited by carver

anyone call to find out what the otd price is? (inc tax, license, freight, doc, setup)?

if it's much under $5k that's a pretty sweet deal on a bike that has some great qualities.

Tried to find a website to send an email. No luck. Do not want/intend to waste a ld phone call to listen to a salesman blather and give bad info.

$4,684 out the door with California sales tax and DMV. One new one, and one demo with 5 hours and Dunlop MX51's on it. contact

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