2009 Two Stroke Husky WR250 Sale

Stumbled on these 2009 WR250's for $4K (So.Cal.), not a Yam, but

might be great for 2T fans looking for a new bike, especially the

off road guys considering a 300 kit. (factory kit)

I think Husqvarna is offering .99% financing right now too.

No affiliation etc. etc.

2009 Husky WR250 Sale

I *WISH* that place was year, I would buy one in a heart beat.

I wonder what the shipping is???

I can sell the RM the DR and buy the WR, only thing is the wife likes to ride on the DR.

I am going to call them tomorrow, I have the cash to buy it but would sell the RM since I would not need it.

I saw the ad after removing my contacts. I thought ti said 99% financing...Thats a heck of a price. How are they with dealer add-on fees?

Good question, I'll bet they tack some prep on, but it's always nego.

so it should still be a pretty good deal especially if the .99% is correct.

Malcolm Smith was advertising the factory Husq. .99% so it should apply here too.

I think there use to be a dealer in Arkansas, I don't think they have survived the stagnant economy here.

I think to ship a bike it is $500 or more, even with that for a *new* WR250 it would be cheaper. Huskys are like KTM's quality components/metallurgy/ect ... ect...

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