sound travel?

so how do you calculate how far the sound travels out of a bike? im getting a honda cr125r that has full on racing everything and want to see how loud the bike will be at a distance of lets say 100 yds? how would i figure this out, is there a formula or a online calculator that i can plug my info into? also can a shop tell me what DB level im putting out from my bike? i really want to know since im thinking of getting a fmf "Q" exhaust.

I say let someone ride it and listen for yourself. You can also get the db tested somewhere but that will be up close. If there is a will there is a way.

lots of variables on sound... moisture temperature.. trees, soil conditions... all affect sound...

^ yep

there's no real good formula for calculating how far sound's gonna travel; lots of variables.

Even looking at radio signals/coverage, computer simulation gets you real close but there's areas that show no coverage on teh map where you can easily get into the tower with a few watts PEP and the right antenna. The software that generates these maps takes topo data, antenna type, antenna height, PEP, and a few other variables. Doesn't, however, account for things like multipath interference, noise from other stations nearby, or the receiving station's configuration.


Not will depend on altitude, temperature, sound frequencies (lower frequencies will travel the furthest) will need a DB meter to test it yourself, however it will still change depending on the environment and the surroundings (sound reflections)

If you are putting the fmf Q on it the bike will quiet if that is what you are worrying about.

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