2011 CRF450R from TN going to CO...maybe!

Hey Denver, CO CRF450R riders....what did you have to do to your stock 2011 CRF450R to be able to ride @ Thunder Valley?? Did the EFI need a major change from the "off the show room floor" set up? You input is most appreciated. Thanks, Dennis in West TN

PUT GAS IN IT....!!!

JK Nothing honsetly. I have an 09' RMZ and buddy has 10' CRF and we have them mapped for the exhaust systems we have but you dont need to at all.

You will feel a little less power based on less air at altitude. The track is fun with some big jumps (if you do them all) so suspension you may have to adjust. We get some HARD and large braking bumps at times and the ground is pretty hard / firm (clay) so keep that in mind.

If you have time check out Watkins / IMI in the area too. Both good tracks. Watkins good layout but poor prep. IMI smaller but fun layout and GREAT prep.

Depends on your skill level I would imagine. I've only been riding a couple of years, and the stock settings on my '10 handle Thunder just fine.

Thanks for your suggestions. Been riding a few years...now B-class so just wondering what that "mile high city" air was like. Let's ride!!!

I am in New Mexico at Albuquerque. We are racing at Lakewood in June for the qualifiers. I can tell you from experience that you will lose 15% HP because there is a lack of oxygen. Your endurance better be top notch because you will get out of breath......The track gets rough at Lakewood.

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