09 250f throttle adjustment question

Bike is an 09 and the problem is the feel of the throttle. It seems like I have to turn it to far to get to WOT. This is my first 4t. I have many 2t. What is the second throttle cable for? Do you adjust both to remove play? Is there a throttle tube designed to turn less degrees and get WOT faster? I know I can grip it higher to start with b ut doesn't seem to work for me. I still find myself working my hand around it to get to WOT. Any ideas?

You turn both of them to adjust play. There are two cables that go to the throttle. They adjust each cable.

4-strokes generate a LOT more vacuum in the intake than 2-strokes. This can cause the slide to stick open in some rare instances.

That´s why it needs a cable to close the throttle. It´s for safety.

You can adjust either one, but the grip will feel funny if you have a half waffle grip that you only turn one way. Mmmmm, waffles....

Personally I don´t think the pull is too long, but some do, and there are G2 quick cams and similar products out there that shorten the pull.

According to most I've read, it seems the return cable should be tight so the throttle snaps back, do you guys not agree?

The tension on the wires will always be equal, since the cam doesn´t stop against the throttle housing like on a 2-stroke. If it did, the 2 wires would have to be of different lengths.

And it can not return faster or slower because of tension on the wires. That´s the return springs job.

Yep 4strokes need more twist to open them up, but thats good, it gives you more throttle/traction control.

If you find you elbow on your knee at full throttle your holding the throttle wrong. Twist it like a screwdriver, it helps to keep those elbows up, try it:ride:

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