drz 125 leaking gas on kick stand only.

so the story goes. . . yesterday i saw it was leaking on kick stand and even standing straight up. not super fast, but enough to raise question. so i opened up the carb today for the first time. (only have had the bike for 3 months or so and has always ran fine so never had to before) any how the carb was clean except there was a little piece of rubber in the main jet from a washer that looked thrashed. i went to cycle barn and got a new washer. cleaned the carb even thought it didn't need it really. and now it leaks on kick stand only. the bike still runs fine but it still leaks. so i took the carb off again and everything is clean! and then it was still leaking!!!

dose anyone know what this could be? i'm not a expert at carbs but i know enough to think there should be a plug or something to make it leak but its clean?


where is the leak coming from? around the bowl or out of the vent line? if its the vent it the flow level is set to high or the needle and seat isnt sealing. if its coming from around the bowl it needs a new gasket.

sorry i forgot to mention that. its leaking out of the vent at the bottom of the carb. how do i drop the flow level?

Check your needle and seat first. If you have changed nothing and this just started happening, that's more likely the problem. It is located by the pivoting pin on the float. Take the pin out, remove the needle and blow compressed air or carb clean in the hole. I have not seen the stock needle so maybe another member can answer wether its viton (rubber) tipped or not. The needle is what plugs the hole and stops fuel from overfilling the carb. If it is letting fuel leak by, then the carb has a vent to release the fuel. Having a float that is to high will also let the carb overfuel. (Probably to much info) but if you understand what your carb is doing, it will help you troubleshoot

the needle is rubber tiped. so i noticed today that when i took of the flot bowl i tapped the floats and it had no bounce. . . should that happen? every other carb i have worked on or cleaned had bounce.

so is the seat on the floats? cause when i pulled out the float the needle came out with it because of a wire like atachment.

so when your saying check the "seat" should i bent the "seat" on the flots to make the float have bounce? or are we talking about totaly different things?

hope im not comfusing you if im talking about different things. ill try to get a picture up.

2011-05-25_10-00-54_564.jpgso the little mettle thing in middle of the floats is that the seat? this is what i was asking about in my previous thread

If you look at # 27, you will see there is two parts. The needle with the rubber tip, and the parts it slides into. (The seat is the part it slides into).....its just below part #38. If you get anything stuck in the seat (like I had a grass seed) and it doesn't let the rubber slide completely into the seat, then it will fill the carb till it leaks out of the vent. The part you highlighted can be bent to adjust how soon the needle shuts the fuel off (effectively adjusting the float height). Usually you bend the brass that actually holds the floats on, but some floats nowdays are mostly plastic Be careful though, there are specs for float height, and millimeters matter

yea bending that brass on the floats sounds kinda sketchy and i wasnt really lookin forword to doing that if it was the case. but im gonna open it back up tonight and ill see whats going on. ill take some pictures in case it still leaks. thanks tom.

Where in wa are you?

Arlington wa. About a hour north from Seattle

My DR650 was having the same issue. I pulled the carb cleaned it out, adjusted the float height, none of it worked. I finally replaced the Fuel Petcock with an after market manual one. Fixed the issue.

My Scooter was starving for gas, replaced the Petcock fixed it's issue. Both are vacuum actuated though.

Nice, living up in the ultra light aircraft capitol of the world...cool. If it really starts to get to you. Pay shipping and ill send you a good working takeoff drz 125 carb.....ill swap you for yours. Sound good?


ill keep that in mind tom. i was gonna play around with it but i got some parts in for my ty 250 so ive been playing around with that a lot. if i cant fix my carb ill let ya know.

ok so i cleaned out the carb again and checked out the seat and how the needle sits in there and i think it just had some dirt or something in there cause now it seams to be fine. we rode the bike all day today it it didn't leak once.

thanks tom.

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