Restoring Alpinestars Tech 10

I keep seeing ads that people have had there boots professionally restored. Where do you get this done at? Is it worth it? What company is the best? Thanks

You can either send them to Alpinestars or if you just need the soles replaced you can send them to

I sent my Tech 10's to AlpineStar for a resole and they were beyond repair. Believe it or not they replaced them with new at no additional charge without me even asking. Freddy was very helpful to me here's his info, good luck.

Freddie B. Johnson, Jr.

Alpinestars Inc.

Torrance, CA - USA

ph. (1) 310-891-0222

fax.(1) 310-891-0299

I sent my Tech 7s to Alpinestars to get re-soled. After waiting close to a month, I finaly got them and the soles unglued on the first ride.

What does it cost to get them resoled

About $80.00 plus one way freight. Also, dont forget that they will send you a pair of loaners while they have yours... But you have to request this and pay for one more UPS bill.

You can always take them to a local shoe repair or cobbler and see what he can do. No paying for shipping, might be quicker, support your local economy

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