Can you get a key ignition for a crf250x?

I found trails that go to my highschool and was planning on just riding to school everyday, i dont want to just leave a bike sitting there for anyone to steal so does anyone know if you can get a key set up so i dont have to worry?

I have one but I also have a light kit on my bike.

You will want a 4 wire switch. Two of the wires will be a closed curcuit when in the off position, this will serve the same function as as kill button and can be wired in place of the kill button,when the switch is in the off position it will be as if the kill button is being pressed continually. The other 2 wires will be a closed curcuit when the key is switched to the on position. These can be wired through the clutch safety switch, that will only allow the starter to operate when the key is on. You can either buy an aftermarket 4 wire switch or you can use one from a CRF230.

cool,im gonna do that my self

Do more than just a keyed switch. It is too easy to roll away or lift into a truck and drive away. Look into some cut resistant chain that you may be able to leave at school on a post or something.

I bought a four wire key switch and wired it up just like Chopper61 said. There's a link to another description below. I would recommend you splice and connect all the wires, make sure every things is firmly connected, taped and zip tied. I've found the beating my bike takes when trail riding causes most of the my wire connections to fall apart over time.

You'll probably want a steering lock too. A simple key would be so easy to hot wire it's not even funny and as noyolk said the could just roll it away too. I like the chain idea because that way they couldn't just drive a truck up to it and throw it in the back.

I drive mine to school. I just had my mom put comp on it for me.

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