Vance & Hines or FMF

I did a search but didn't get much info. I'm looking to get a aftermarket exhaust for my XR650L that is good quality and not annoying loud.

Had good experience with both brands on different bikes. I know Vance bought out White so old news there, don't care...

Looking for advice from actual XR650L owners of these two brands.

I will be commuting and riding forrest trails so the removable spark arrester looks like a good option.


The FMF Q4 is probably the quietest aftermarket muffler you can buy. :smirk:

Spud :smirk:

Thanks Spud

Anyone have a Vance & Hines?

I've had three Vance & Hines systems on previous bikes, and NONE of them were anywhere near quiet. I went with the FMF on my L and it's pretty good, starts getting a little louder over time (probably time to re-pack) but still a very reasonable noise level.

You can get 4 or 5 different sized outlet inserts to quiet down FMF pipes. (different db levels)

Screws into existing outlet opening. $30

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