250sx help identify year please


Thinking of trading my 06' yz250f for a 2 stroke, guy calling this a 2007 but frame looks different than a 07 I have seen.

Any ideas... Don't wont to get something older..

Thanks Randy

idk looks alot like my 03

04 ktm

I think it looks older than an 07 myself. Mostly because of the graphics and silver wheels. Just google how to identify year by vin number. I don't remember exactly which letter identified the year,but it's a pretty simple code.

My bike has a manufartures decal on the steering head behind the number plate with the info on it.

Hope this helps


http://www.ehow.com/m/how_7594490_motorcycle-years-vin-numbers.html A simple explanation of how to find the year by the vin. Even simpler is my explanation. Starting from the left side count ten spaces in on the vin. It will be a number 1-9 representing 2001-2009. Now you will know for sure what you are being offered for trade.

On a 17 digit vin the 10th digit is the year

Also looks like a pre 06 bike

Also looks like a pre 06 bike

+1 The frame is black on my 06 200.

It's either an '03 or '04, my money being on 2004. Definitely not an '05 or newer.

Oooooh, I like these games. :smirk:

03, 04 at best. the frame was ovalized in 05, that one is round, the swingarm became cast in 05, that one isn't the same. the shrouds are the old type that stick out further.

Is he wanting an 07 price for it???

vin will tell the tale as others have stated.

Just for reference, here is an 07 SX:


It's a 04. 03/04 were basically the same bike.

Oval frame came in 05.

Black wheels, forks and frame came in 06.

04 ktm

04, Im the Bike Whisperer:smirk:

Looks like a 2004.

Yeah I suspected it was an 03-04. The frame gave it away, I knew when he didn't want me to add cash something was up. I was waiting for him to call me back and I was going to get the VIN to verify. Seems like a lot of guys are trying to pull this stuff. To many resources like TT forum :smirk:

and www.motoverse.com/tools/vinDecoder to buy uniformed..

Thanks for all the responses...

one thing to know if this is a 2003 or 2004 and up.

2003 has boyesen rad valves and boot. 2004 and up has Vforce reeds valves

Check Triples for offset.. 16 on the 03, pipe looks like an 03 as it was unique to that year .. frame is 03/04..

I have an 03, 04 , 06 in the shop and that is early..

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