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2006 SX-F 250 Water Pump Gasket

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Does anyone know where I can get a new water pump gasket? I can't seem to find just the single gasket on any fiche. Only the entire engine gasket set which is way too expensive!

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Thanks! I think I looked at every party of the fiche except for that. Kinda weird that it's in that section.

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      Hello everyone, I am new to the page and to the world of ktm. I recently purchased a used 2008 ktm xcfw with a 300 big bore kit, not sure who made or installed the kit. I am looking to see if there is any way to buy a new carb that is set up for this bike with the 300 BB. Any help would be great. The fuel inlet is leaking and there are a ton of stripped screws so I’m thinking getting a new carb might be the best way to go but i don’t really have the skill or knowledge to tune and jet a stock one myself. Thank you!
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      i am currently checking valve clearance on 2013 sxf 250 with 70 hrs. bike was bought new and never been apart(as far as i know). when setting TDC the notch on the crank when it is aligned to the whole, has the cam gear marks intake totally up and exhaust totally down. are these the wrong marks to look at or am i missing something. bike does run just a little difficult to start.
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      2016 KTM 350xc-f - Olins Fork Cartridge Inserts, FMF 4.1 RCT Muffler, Pro Circuit Linkage Arm, Torc1 Reaction Shift and Rear Brake Lever, P3 Carbon Pipe Guard, Acerbis Skid Guard, Mobie Linkage Guard, Acerbis Swing-arm Guards, RYD Crew Aluminum Handguards, Sicass Racing Tail Light Kit with Flush Mount LED Rear Turn Signals, Sicass Racing Handguards with Built-in LED Turn Signals, Rental Sprockets, Trail-Tech Stator Upgrade, ktmandhusky.com Fuel Rail and Anti-vibration Bar Ends, Guts Seat Cover, USB Charging Port, Misc Anodized Orange Aluminum Bling. My wife is getting jealous of the attention I am giving my bike!
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      Hey all. I’m a newbie here so let me know if  I’m in the wrong place. 
      I’ll get straight down to it. I’m in the market for a new bike and have been thinking about what’s going to be best for me for a long time. Until recently I finally came to the conclusion that a new YZ250FX is my best option. My last bike was 2015 Yz250f which I loved.
      Now just yesterday I saw a local dealer advertise left over 17’ FX350’s for almost the same price as the YZ. What appeals to me about the Husky is that extra grunt. What doesn’t appeal to me is the suspension and handling and the reliability of the machine. Now I’ve never owned a KTM or Husky so I am basing those two factors on word of mouth only. Like I said, I loved my Yz250f and felt very at home on it, it has probably been the best bike I’ve owned to date. Yamaha reliability is also second to none which adds to my peace of mind on purchasing the YZ. One thing I wish it had was more power though. Obviously it’s only a 250f so you can’t expect it to go like a 450 (not really interested in 450s).
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      Thanks guys
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      I am purchasing a 2012 KTM 350XCF after wanting one for a year and finally picking one up in December. My question is what are some good things to watch for on this bike as far as initial set up and good Mods to improve bike ? My plan is to add a skid plate, hand guards and muffler with the possibillity of changing the header pipe and a Rekluse EXP would be nice as we ride mostly single track mountain trails with some rocks . Any good thoughts and suggestions would be appretiated