Oh boy, did I really just do that? Oil pump damage.

Im in the process of rebuilding my '95 600. I was cruising, installed tranny, cases together, everything going smooth. Untill I go to install oil pump. As Im torquing it down, it doesnt seem to be seating right. I realize I put the little "holder" in the case where the "orifice" should go. So I had both pieces in there! I pull it off and the little alum. orifice piece (with o ring around it) is a bit mangled, as is the holder. Sh!t. Worse, the hole it goes in on the case was very slightly cracked and I was able to remove about a 1mm sliver of material from inside of bore. Oil pump was also a bit mangled, again, on the inside of the bore. Both mating surfaces seem to be OK, and oil passages are not blocked, just a bit mangled. I am tempted to install a new holder (in the right place of course), and a new orifice and o ring and see what happens. As the slight damage was done inside of both bores, I dont really see it leaking. I would hate to have to replace my whole right case and oil pump because of this. But....

peace of mind is worth a lot...Man I cant believe I just did that. Uuuhh I need a beer thx for any advice

You know, I'm having a hard time picturing what/where the damage is but it sounds like a careful cleaning with some brake cleaner and a little artistic application of JB Weld might shore things up enough to give you peace of mind. I wouldn't use JB for any structural repair but it sounds like it's mostly cosmetic and oil-flow issues.

Good luck, I feel your pain.


A tiny crack in a suction passage could be a bad deal, anir getting sucked in could cause the pump to lose prime.

Plugging with JB is a possibility.

A tiny crack on the pressure side would not be a big deal.


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