450 or a 400 and a dirt bike

Hey guys. I'm new to the forum. I thought this might be the most appropriate place to post this. I started riding last summer when I bought an '06 400ex. I am 41 about 200 lbs and I like riding trails, tracks, sand, etc. Although I love riding tracks I don't race and probably never will.

I'm getting better and faster and I want to upgrade to a 450 but I also want a dirt bike. I love the jumps but I don't see myself getting good enough to hit the triples and 60+ foot table tops. If I get good enough to do mild to medium doubles and 30-40 foot table tops I will be stoked.

My budget is limited so if I upgrade to a 450 quad I will have to wait even longer to get a bike. So I have to decide if I should upgrade to a 450 and get a bike much much later or buy a bike sooner and upgrade my quad later. Please keep in mind when you offer advice that I don't really care who is or is not faster than I am. I ride entirely for me and as long as I am having fun I don't care if I am the slowest person in the group.

Thanks gang

I like my 400EX for tight trails (doesn't mind being lugged down), and the TRX450R for the wide open desert (high reving engine). I could ride the 400 in the desert and still have fun, but the 450 is an absolute pain on slow tight technical trails because it needs to be ridden reved out so it requires lots of clutch slipping which makes for a way lame ride. You are throwing the track into the equation as well.

So, if I had lots and lots of tight semi-technical trail riding (I do in the mountains behind Lake Arrowhead), I would have to stick with the 400 and as a compromise give up some performance in the desert and on the track (the 400 for sure does NOT have track worthy suspension if it is stock!). If I mostly rode just wide open desert and dunes, then I would definitely want the extra performance that the 450 gives, plus a 450 will be way better at the track in terms of suspension and power.

What kind of dirt bike do you want, and where/how are you planning to ride it? For me, I favor dual-sports bikes because I have hundreds of miles of national forest fire roads available where I have to be street legal. Otherwise, I would favor a CRF450X for the open desert, and the CRF250X for trails. As for the track, everyone I know who rides the track, has eventually ended up with major injuries....so I'm staying away from there myself!

my 400 was a crapload of fun but if you like jumps get the bike

if u are looking for a bike more for the wide open area maybe a used XR650R is what u need a lot of bike but fun power if u can hande it I had one and was a handfull for sure but I am only 5foot7 and 200lbs. was able to trail ride with it as well as i could lug it down in frist no problem

i would keep the 400 for eveything else besides the track, get a good 2 stroke or other MX bike and ride that on the track. or just hold out and have a 450 and dirtbike.

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