Looking for YZ400f

I am looking to buy a used four stroke YZ400 1998 or 1999 this summer for some light MX for fun (no racing) and trail riding. I have'nt rode in quite a while but always wanted to get back into it. Now seems like the time.

What should I look for in a used bike? Any advice would be much appreciated.

I would consider buying a used WR400. It is a little tamer for the trails. I currently own a WR426 and love it. Before this bike I had a 98 YZ400. The bike hauled ass! On the trails it wasen't very easy to ride without really clutching it. the WR has aot of low end and kicks butt on top with a few mods.

My 2 cents,

Dennis :)

Hey steve,

Not to "dis" the last guy, but there are alot of people out there with WRs that end up turning the WR into a YZ with seat and tank combo. I was also out of riding for about 8 years until I got back into it last year. After a brief relatioinship with an old CR500, It was enough to plant the hook and I bought a '00 YZ 426. I could not ask for anything more than this bike. I also mainly ride mild MX and mostly trails. With a little gearing help the bike works great for any type of trail (anything in the midwest anyway). You will not be dissapointed. Get the starting procedure down (takes 10 min) and you are on your way to a no-gas-mixing good time. If you have not ridden a YZ 400/426 try to find one to ride first. You can ride it nice, or nasty and it likes it. I can't say so much for the two stroke race bikes of today.....

Hope this helps


Not at all Tim. :)


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