OT...... Removing tire marks from paint

Everytime i mow my lawn , i scrape my propane tank with the back tires on my garden tractor, leaving rubber marks.

how do i get these marks off ?.... and no... WD40 isnt working. :)

quit running into your tank,result no tire marks. :devil:no, just kidding use a torch :Dseriously i have absolutly no clue,repaint it perhaps.

Try straight dish soap and a stiff bristled brush, and lots of elbow grease, and definently invest in a weed eater.

A torch on a propane tank ? hmmmmmmm.. yea.. ok, i'll get right on that. :):D :D :D :D :D

ok, ok.. i dont hit it everytime.. just a couple of times .. enough to put some serious skid marks on it. :)

Citrus orange. Anyway, that is what road contruction crews use to get tar and such off of cars. It WILL remove the tire marks. Any parts store or hardware store should carry something close. Also, a gallon will last 5-10 years (unless you spill it). One dab of a rag in the container will clean a LARGE area. Use cloth though, paper towels don't seem to work well.

Good LucK!

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