1990 s10 throttle body rebuild 2.5 4 banger

How hard is it to rebuild one of these things. been quoted 250-350 for a shop to do it just wanting to know if the i can save a couple of buck and do it right the first time myself.

never worked on a 2.5 TB, but I've gone through a few 2.8 V6 TB's, there's not much to them. If you can find your way around a carb or routine motorcycle maintenance you can rebuild a TB. Make sure ya buy quality parts, theres alot of partial carburetor and throttlebody "rebuild kits" out there that are missing stuff that should be replaced. Save money on the labor but don't go cheap on parts.

You should Call the local AC Delco Where house near you

Kay automotive

Factory motor Parts

Just to name two so cal chains

I've done one for a 4.3 and it was ridiculously easy to the point it made a carb look extra complex.


I've rebuilt a TBI on a 90 350 before. Not very hard. Just remember to pay attention to how it comes apart! A manual helps too.

Thanks for all the help came home from work today and my son rebuilt the throttle body this morning. Truck is not running right but it is getting better.

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