Vholdr Contour GPS videos

I spent a lot of time researching on cameras, it seems like the GoPro is the most common choice but for my own reasons I chose a Vholdr Contour GPS. When researching I had a hard time finding good videos (picture quality) from the Contour but I took the gamble anyways and picked one up.

Short story: I am very happy with mine, check the link below!

Long story: These are videos from the day I bought it, right out of the box, changed the video settings to 720p, 60fps and went for a late afternoon, after work ride with a buddy. Only had the factory 2gb memory card so i wasn't able to tape a lot but i mostly wanted to get a few minutes here and there just to see how the video/sound/colors/vibrations/etc were in different scenarios (sun/shade/pavement/dirt). I was too impatient to let the "hard" mount on the helmet set, so it was just set up with the goggle strap mount for this ride (everyone says you get the most shaking from the goggle strap mount, which i did notice. I could feel it moving around at times and "bouncing" off my helmet every once in a while).

Not real hard core trails or super awesome riding, just playing on some easy roads/trails a few minutes from the house to try out the camera. I'm on a 300 XC-W (plated) and my buddy is on a 525 EXC (plated).

Overall, the wind noise was obviously worst when riding down the pavement at 55-65mph, but no where near as bad as I expected after reading other peoples complaints. The video quality is better than i expected too, i think YouTube has a lot to do with the bad video quality, i uploaded one video there with no editing and it looks terrible compared to the videos linked below which were also uploaded with no editing. The upload process was simple (but long), the camera comes with its own software, plug the camera into your computer and it automagically starts the software and finds the videos, you select which ones you want to upload and click the button. The movies are shot/uploaded in a .mov format which i also thought was cool because it plays with normal old quicktime if you just save the videos to your computer instead of uploading to the web.

I had a 20% off coupon for a local store here in town and ended up getting the Contour GPS, 2 flat/helmet mounts and goggle strap mount for $296 after tax, thought that was pretty good. I think the GPS feature is cool, especially because of the vast amount of trails i have right out my back door, it will really help me find cool trails/spots more than once.

Just thought i would post this up for anyone that is debating which camera to buy if it might help.


Cool. I just finally ran my new Contour gps too (wife got it as a gift after she saw how frustrated I was with my GoPro). I really like it so far. The mounting options are not as flexible, but the camera is fantastic. Here's my first ride video, 960 mode at 30fps and low bit rate:

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