Swingarm and Linkage Motion

The rear suspension on our 2001 CR250R was terrible so I tore it down and most of the bearings were shot, including the link arm (where the linkage connects to the frame), the shock arm (where the linkage connects to the swingarm), and the swingarm itself. I replaced all the bearings and they appeared to move freely and smooth until I torqued them down.

The swingarm has resistance moving up and down (with nothing else attached), and the link arm (where the linkage connects to the frame) is binding up.

How smooth and easy do the rest of your CR swingarms and linkages move when the shock is removed?

was your motor in the frame when you torqued it all down? your motor acts like a bushing and it's going to be stiff if the motor is out of the frame

It always amazes me how people can seen to remember to put fuel in a bike and even clean the filter but never grease the linkage.

Yes it's smooth without the shock, no resistance when it's right. Not sure why you are having resistance. I've always just kept the stock ones greased.......

take is apart one item at a time and figure out which pivot point is the culprit.

NOt sure why you feel that way, but a linkage isn't exactly something that needs to be greased every time you fill up a gas tank.

Most racers do this in between seasons, all of my friends do it once a yr, and I do mine every 100 hrs, along w/ getting new fluid put in the shock.

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