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My Computer Fan Install 08 530 EXC-R (pics)

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So after overheating everytime we got into slow stuff, I decided to put a fan on my bike. Below is a parts list and pictures/instructions on what I did.

Parts list:

Radiator Temp Sensor: RockAuto.com 91C (196F) - BECK/ARNLEY Part # 2011310 - $6.87, $10 w/ shipping.

Fan: Vantec Tornado, 92mm case fan, NewEgg.com, $20 w/ shipping.

Zip ties: technically u need 8, but I used about 30 by the time I got it right.

1/4" Fuel Line: 6 inches of it (had it laying around)

16 Gauge black wire: 1 foot (had it laying around)

Male/Female Spade Connectors: 2.99 for box of ten, AutoZone

Butt connector: 1, (had it laying around)

Inline Fuse: 3.99 Autozone

5 amp mini-fuse: 3.99 for box of 10, Autozone

Electrical Tape




Tools Required:

6mm Allen wrench

7/8" Box end wrench

Wire strippers/plyers

Phillips Screwdriver


Razor Blade

Prep work:

This section can be completed prior to touching anything on your bike. Start by taking the Vantec Fan and removing the metal guard. Move the guard to the other side of the fan and reinstall. There is an arrow on the fan that shows the direction of the airflow, you want this arrow to point at the metal cage. I used this fan because it claims the highest CFM of any case fan out there, and is one of the few 92mm fans. 80mm fans don't have the airflow and 120mm fans don't fit. The radiator only allows like 107mm of space.

Once you move the cage, you can cut the yellow wire off the fan. This is used by the computer motherboard to monitor RPM and you don't need it. Also, cut the supplied power connect off the red and black wires, you don't need that either. All you're interested in is the red and black wires coming out of the fan.





Connect your inline fuse to the red wire of the fan with the butt connector and put some electrical tape on it to make it waterproof. On the other side of the inline fuse, connect a MALE spade connector. I have a reason to require specific spade connectors I'll explain later. On the black wire from the fan, connect a FEMALE spade connector. The fan specs say it draws 1 amp while running, so I used a 5 amp fuse to give it some leway when it first starts spinning.


Take your 6 inches of 1/4" rubber tubing and cut off 8 slices with the razor blade. Mine came out to about 1/8 inch thick, but just make them thin and even, doesn't have to be perfect. I did this instead of using grommets because autozone didn't have the grommets required and my local hardware store was closed. Also, a foot of rubber tubing is like 79 cents.


Take the 1 foot of black wire and connect a FEMALE spade connector to both ends.


You're now ready to install the fan kit on the bike.

On bike work:

Remove tank and drain radiator. My bike was already apart as I'm waiting for parts to come in to finish up my new top end, so it was pretty easy access. You'll notice I have Enduro Engineering radiator guards installed, and this fan fits in perfectly without any interference. I'm also using the stock tank.

Remove the brass plug in the right side radiator with a 6mm allen. Install the Radiator Temp Sensor with the 7/8" wrench. It's probably metric, but I didn't have a metric wrench that big. Be careful not to over tighten as it only requires 15 ft-lbs of torque and you're using a very large wrench on it. DO NOT STRIP OUT YOUR RADIATOR OR YOU'RE BIKE IS FUBAR.





The fan connector on the bike is easy to locate and has a yellow/red wire and a brown wire running to it. The brown is ground(earth) and the red/yellow is hot. I tried to find pins that would fit in there, but ended up just cutting off the stock connector and attaching spade connectors. Install a MALE spade connector on the ground, and a FEMALE spade connector on the red/yellow. The reason I did this was so I could never hook up the wires backwards and have the fan working against the airflow.





Install the fan onto the radiator. I recommend installing it high on the radiator as it seems to come close to interfering with the tank if you install it lower. brianwhitmarch has really good pics of how to use the zipties in this thread: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=539825 In case his thread disappears, put a ziptie through the fan mount hole, through a rubber grommet, through the radiator, through another rubber grommet and then use a second ziptie to tightten it down to the radiator. Doesn't have to be super tight, its pretty secure. With the Vantec fan you'll only be using the holes closest to the radiator though. Be sure to put a peice of cut rubber between the radiator and the fan and on the other side under the other zip tie. I wasted a ton of zip ties because I always forgot a rubber grommet somewhere.





After this, all you have to do is hook up the wires. The red/yellow wire from the bike connects to the red wire on the fan. The black wire on the fan connects to one side of the radiator temp switch (doesn't matter which side). One side of your foot long black wire you made connects to the other side of the radiator fan switch. The other side of your homemade black wire connects to the brown wire on the bike.

Final Install, wires connected and tucked away.


Congratulations! You're done. All thats left to do is fill up the radiator and put the tank back on. Total cost: ~45 dollars. If you're using an aftermarket tank and don't have the room for the thick Vantec fan, you can use Delta FFB0912SH-F00 92mm Case Fan. Its only 1 inch thick whereas the Vantec is 1.37 inches. The Delta only claims 80 CFM though, where the Vantec claims 110. Hope this helps some of you. I'll post up when I get it together and let you know how well it works out.

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I just used this fan for my rm 450. It doesnt seem as loud as I expected.it definitely moves some air, but I'm not sure it's spinning at full speed. Can you hear it over the motor?

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I appreciate your enthusiasm to come up with a home grown fan solution, but this might be one area where you are probably better off spending a little more for the commercial solution. The fan on my EXC moves a lot of air, more than any similar size computer fan I have ever seen, so I'm doubting you're getting the same cooling performance as the KTM or Dirt Tricks fans. Also computer fans are designed to work in relatively cool, clean and dry environments. Durability might be an issue. Please do report back and let us know your results, I will keep my fingers crossed for you. :)

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The generic computer fans are not very tolerant of dirt and water. There are water resistant models. I have this one on my WR and it's held up over a year so far. Probably the same one Dirt Tricks is using.



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I wonder what the air flow rating is for the DT fan? They don't say but it does look like it may be a smaller unit than the Mouser. The one I used is a 120mm x 120mm x 25mm unit and basically covers the entire width of the radiator on my WR.

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I've been working in the tech industry for 15 years. Built my first computer at the age of 10.

These fans won't hold up. They cannot handle even the slightest bit of dirt. They are not sealed. They fail often, even in non dusty environments.

I appreciate the effort in showing how to do this, but I just want to warn others of this before they spend $$$ and time

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